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    How much does it cost to hire a wedding lighting package?

    Wedding Lighting Services The price depends on what sort of lights you would like at your wedding. Some customers just want the cheapest, easiest lighting package which would be 2 LED disco lights, a stand to hold the disco lights, power cables and we offer this solution for just £20. This lighting package is as simple as plug & play. They are sound activated using a small sensor inside the light they pick up on the beat of the music & produce a colourful flower effect within your venue. We also recommend hiring a smoke machine which really helps to create that ''party'' effect. Now at the other end of the scale we have customers that require a completely bespoke lighting package with a 3D visualisation. This sort of setup typically starts from £1,500 to £2,000 and can add up quickly when you start including rigging for the lighting, power, crew & transport but we haven't met a customer yet that has ever looked back! We have a reputation of delivering exceptional events & production. So as you can see a simple question like ‘’how much does it cost to hire wedding lighting?’’ really does depend on the type of lighting and what sort of service you require for you wedding, so no matter where your venue is near Heathrow way we can help you.

    How much does stage lighting cost to hire

    Stage Lighting Setup Depending on what sort of stage lighting you are looking for will determine the applicable cost. We have simple, easy to use stage lighting which you can hire from £10 per light. These lights would be an LED Parcan for lighting small simple stages, school theatre shows or can be used to light products. This sort of stage light is a plug & pay lighting fixture meaning you don't require anything else to make it work, just give it power & you can control everything from the lighting fixture itself. On the other hand you might require a technical production company to rig & operate lighting for your wedding, conference or festival stage in or around Heathrow, Staines or Twickenham. Well the price depends again on what you’re looking to hire. To give you some quick examples, lighting for a conference can range from £250 to £1,500, lighting for a wedding can range from a few hundred to thousands, while festival lighting packages start at £1,500 and quickly go up. (We can also offer LED video screen as well, which goes well alongside stage lighting)

    How much does it cost to hire a sound system?

    PA Hire in Heathrow If you need to hire a sound system for a small party with up to 100 guests we would recommend our active ipod speaker package otherwise known as a small PA system. If you have a live band playing at a wedding then we would usually point you towards our RCF 725A & RCF8003 sub package which is just £120. This comes with two active tops fitted with a 15" & 2" drivers & two active subwoofers fitted with a 1000W power amp using large 18" drivers. This sound system will cover 200 - 300 people so perfect for weddings & larger parties. Need to hire a larger PA system in or around Heathrow? Not a problem we stock d&b Audiotechnik point source & line array sound systems & we are able to cover 10,000 seated events. We have d&b Q7 packages starting from £150 & our flagship Q1 series which is suited to larger outdoor / live events starting from just £599

    How much does it cost to hire a stage?

    Heathrow Stage Hire Depending on whether you need to hire an indoor stage or outdoor stage the prices will vary. Let's take two examples. If you want to hire a small stage for a conference with carpet, on average you would pay £250 - £350 plus delivery. This would be based on a small 4 meter wide by 2 meter deep stage at 1ft high without steps. If you were looking into hiring an outdoor covered stage then you can hire our 6 meter x 4 meter arc roof festival stage from £700 plus crew & delivery. We can build any size indoor stage & we stock outdoor stages from 6 meter x 4 meters up to 12 meters wide by 10 meters deep. If you need to hire staging in Heathrow we can supply whatever is needed

    How much does it cost to hire a projector & screen?

    Projector & screen hire in Heathrow A small projector & screen set up ideally for garden parties, movie nights at home & smaller conferences will cost £80 to hire and comes with one HD projector & pop up projector screen. If you need delivery & setup in Heathrow we can offer this from £65. The screen is 6ft x 4ft and all you need to do is plug in your HDMI cable to the projector & you’re ready! If you’re looking to hire a projector & screen for an outdoor event or outdoor cinema then we would recommend hiring our LED video screen system as projectors just can't compete with the brightest of an outdoor LED screen. We stock 3.9mm LED screen & we charge £75 per sqm plus crew, transport & hardware. A typical cost for a 5 meter wide by 3 meter high outdoor LED screen is £1,500 for an event in Heathrow, Staines, Twickenham and surrounding areas

    How much does it cost to hire LED furniture?

    LED Furniture Hire Heathrow You can hire a selection of LED furniture such as an LED cube for as little as £20. The LED poseur table will cost you £25 and the curved LED bench will cost you £30. If you're looking to hire a round mobile LED bar the cost is £125 per section & a typical garden party, wedding or marquee party would need a minimum of 2 sections of LED bar. You can hire up to 8 sections to make a completely round 360° LED bar, this makes a super centrepiece for any larger event. If you're looking to hire LED furniture in the Heathrow or Staines-upon-Thames area we can deliver you a package of LED cubes with poseur tables & curved benches for as little as £65 which also includes set up & collection of the LED furniture. So, if you're looking to hire LED furniture in Heathrow for your party we can certainly help

    How much does it cost to hire a wireless microphone?

    Wireless Mic Hire A wired microphone such as a Shure SM58 will cost you £5 per day to hire. If you are looking to hire a wireless radio microphone for a conference, wedding or private event then depending on the style of wireless mic would cost about £25. You can pay up to £45 for a wireless headset microphone with a belt pack. Heathrow PA Hire is also able to supply the mixing desk, sound system and other associated equipment required to use the wireless microphone. We have pre-made plug and play packages perfect for smaller parties, wedding speeches and birthday parties where a wireless mic is often preferred and these packages start from just £90. If you require delivery within Heathrow or Staines we charge a flat rate of £65 which includes the setting up of the wireless microphone / sound system and collection at the end of your event or wedding. So if you need to hire a microphone for your event, Heathrow PA Hire is a good choice