Bolso de piel de vacuno en color negro inspirado en los bolsos de los años 50, acabado 'cocodrilo' y serraje.

Bolso de mano y bandolera, correa ajustable con una longitud máxima de 110 cm. Cierre con cremallera, en el interior un bolsillo con cremallera, un tarjetero y dos bolsillos. Forro interior de algodón.

Dimensiones: 22 x 28 x 14 cm


185.00€ Precio
148.00€Precio de oferta

    Do I need any special equipment?

    No. We use zoom for our sessions, so all you will need is a laptop or another suitable device. If you wish to take part in any of our optional recording projects, you will need two devices.

    Who can join?

    Anyone over the age of 18 can join. You don't need to have sung in a choir before, everyone is welcome! And if you are worried about singing in front of people, remember that for most of the rehearsal you will be on mute! Only your family, cats and dogs will hear you!

    How does everyone sing together in time on zoom?

    The short answer is this isn't possible via zoom. Just type 'zoom choir fail' into youtube and you will quickly find out why for yourself! However there are some things that work really well on zoom - with the help of the mute button: 1) Singing along to a live pianist helps create the feeling of a "normal" rehearsal 2) Learning new songs and working on your own part. (Without the distraction of people singing different lines right in your ear!) 3) Making collaborative recordings to hear how the choir sounds together. The easiest way is to play the backing track (which you'll be given) through headphones in your laptop, and record yourself singing into your phone. No need to edit, just send over the recording and I'll put it all together.

    How much does it cost?

    Weekly membership is just £2.50. There are no additional fees or costs. Backing tracks for individual practice will be available for all members free of charge! You can also sign up for 6 weeks of sessions at a discounted rate if you prefer.

    What music will we be singing?

    A bit of everything! From old classics by Rogers and Hammerstein through to your favourite songs from modern West End and Broadway Shows. If you enjoy musicals, there will be something here for you! There'll be time in each session to sing through some well-known tunes (we all enjoy a sing-a-long), but we'll also have a go at learning some harmonies, new arrangements and working towards recording projects.

    Do I have to record myself singing!?

    No. The recording projects are completely optional and done outside of rehearsals. We will spend some of each session working towards these projects, but if you don't want record yourself, you can still enjoy learning the songs.